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Owlscroll combines the immersiveness of paper and the power of computers, to produce an extraordinary writing experience.



This is how a Scroll looks like

Tue Mar 09 2021


Simple, right? Yeah, that's the whole point.

Our main focus is to build a place to guard thoughts through time. Nothing less, nothing more.

See, one just needs a moment to think and a place to write. One shouldn’t need to worry about anything else. That’s the safest road to wisdom.

Another entry

Tue Mar 09 2021

quotes, borges.

“If I regained my sight, I would read all the books I have here, which I barely know from memory, that modifies things.” ― J.L Borges.


Seamless order

Owlscroll stays in a fine balance between complete word chaos (just dropping them words) and strict order (having complex nesting rules, folders, and subfolders...), providing simple features to order one’s entries while remaining undistracting.

owlscroll gif
owlscroll gif

Writing freedom

Owlscroll supports Markdown. This is great for subtitles, attaching links and media, creating bullet lists, inserting code snippets and so much more. Be free with the power of Markdown!


Owlscroll is a tool for years, decades, lifetimes. One’s Scroll, by sheer compound effect, will naturally get more valuable through time.
A question we ask ourselves often: “Is this a tool that I could drop and pick up in, say, five years? Will I still understand how it works? Will I still find my thoughts?”
The answer must be yes.

Think, write and become wiser.

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